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How to Get Free Health Insurance – Compare Free or Low-Cost Health Insurance Plans

With health insurance costs on the rise, you may be asking yourself, “How can I get the cheapest health insurance?” It’s understandable when you see the healthcare costs consumers are facing these days. But, you might not realize you could qualify for low cost health coverage or even free

Free Dental Implant Programs: How To Get Free or Low Cost Dental Implants Today

Dentistry is ever-changing. Technology and ideas are rampant in today’s dental arena. Making realities of painless procedures, less time in the dental chair, clearer imaging for better diagnosis, and above all getting the patient in and out as quickly as possible. These new procedures help to ease dental fears

Top 10 Ways to Get Free Money From The Government for Seniors

We know that times are tough for a lot of Americans, but one group that’s been hit especially hard are our senior citizens. The high cost of living combined with paying for medical bills and prescriptions have left many of us scrambling to cover even our basic necessities. 

Learn How to Calculate Medicare Fee Schedule Rates for Payment & Reimbursements

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When calculating the fee for Medicare costs, the physician or medical facility utilizes the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule (MPFS). This Medicare fee schedule uses a system called the resource-based relative value system (RBRVS) to determine unforeseen costs. This RBRVS then assigns a value that is relative to an AMA

Learn More About the Medicare Premiums and Deductibles Updated for 2019

It’s everyone’s worst nightmare, you get sick and have to be hospitalized. This is a very real fear for anyone who is disabled or eligible for Medicare but doesn’t have it.  The average hospital stay is $19,000, and this can devastate families instantly. For many people, Medicare is

How to Apply for SSI for Both Disabled and Elderly Over the Age of 65+ Updated in 2019

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is a federal program that created for any citizen that shows evidence of a physical or mental disability that deters them from any activity that will allow them to earn a living.  This can include children, adults under 65, and social security for elderly