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Learn How to Get a Free Dental Implant and Have New Shinny Teeth In Just One Day With this Process

Everyone wants that shiny new smile. Whether you’re looking to make a great first impression in that new job interview, or simply want to have a better, more noticeable smile in your everyday social life, getting the perfect smile has a variety of benefits both tangible and psychological in nature.

But it’s even more satisfying when you can find a way to get those new teeth you’ve always wanted at no cost to you. It’s great for young professionals just starting out or a senior who has always wanted a better smile but not yet done it. While it isn’t always heavily promoted, there are a few ways that you can actually acquire a dental implant or implants free of charge. Your new free dental implant can give you the smile you want without even touching your wallet. But how do you go about this? Let’s take a look.

How to Get a Free Dental Implant

There are a few ways to go about this. One of the easiest is perhaps applying for a Cosmetic Dentistry Grant, also known as a CDG. Just as the name implies, a CDG allows a recipient to receive free cosmetic work from the local dentist of their choice. And more good news, implants are covered by this grant, as well as a host of other cosmetic procedures including such things as:

  • Teeth Whitening
  • Veneers
  • Bridges
  • Bonding
  • Caps
How to Qualify For Free Dental Implants

If you’re wondering how to go about determining your eligibility on getting free dental implants, it’s easy. Simply visit the CDG site and sign up. Simply find the data entry box on the right side of your screen and under “Apply for a Cosmetic Dentistry Grant,” enter the following: Submit your request via the website using the simple form on the right. Staff will verify your information. A dentist near you will review this information and agree to the free oral assessment. If you do not qualify based on the assessment, the dentist will recommend what to do next. If it’s determined you’re eligible, you’ll receive your dental implant treatment plan. All such assessments are conducted by a certified dental professional.

The good news is, for the most part, you simply need to demonstrate. Based on the results of the assessment, that your mouth is healthy enough to handle receiving the free dental implant. Note, however, that the dental practitioner will not put the health of your mouth in jeopardy to accommodate the implant.

Also keep in mind that these grants are for cosmetic procedures such as implants. Not basic dental work such as cleaning, etc. For those who do not qualify, this is usually a case of first needing basic dental work–not covered by the grant–to be done beforehand. If your teeth need to be cleaned or worked on in a non-cosmetic fashion first, this will have to happen before the implant provided by the grant can be installed

Applying for the Grant is Free

If you don’t qualify, you lose nothing. you can only apply for the grant one time. You don’t need to repay any funds from the CDG grant. It’s a gift to you and your smile. Funds can only be applied toward elective cosmetic procedures, such as your free implant. This is why you may be denied if basic dental work such as cleaning or repair , to be performed.

Get That Improved Smile Today

The CDG application process is quick, simple and of course free. It’s a great way to get the new and improved look for your mouth that you’ve always wanted. Whether you’re young or a senior, have taken advantage of this program to get results. Try it today, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Your teeth matter. Taking care of your dental needs enhances your appearance and protects you from a range of illnesses that can start with unhealthy gums and teeth.

Whether you’re interviewing for a new job or you just want to feel better about yourself – healthy, white teeth instill confidence in just about anyone. Everyone, from ambitious young executives to retired seniors, deserves the self-assurance and peace of mind that comes with a beautiful smile.

No Need to Break the Bank

For some, the cost of cosmetic dentistry makes the service unattainable. There is, however, a way for these individuals to enhance their oral appearance with no out-of-pocket costs.

Grants are financial endowments that enable people to obtain needed services or goods. They are a gift that doesn’t require repayment. For those who’d like to improve their smile, but can’t afford cosmetic dentistry, there’s a grant intended just for this purpose.

Who Provides Dental Implant Grants?

A Cosmetic Dentistry Grant (CDG) enables patients to receive cosmetic dentistry work free of charge. This financial gift enables payment for a range of dental procedures – such as bonding, bridges, caps, veneers, and whitening. This is made possible by the Cosmetic Dentistry Grant Program, sponsored by the Oral Aesthetic Advocacy Group, Inc. (OAAG).

Since 2010, the OAAG has conducted research and provided information to dental practitioners, in addition to operating the grant program. It is the organization’s mission and belief that “everyone deserves a confident, healthy smile.” The nonprofit group furthers this agenda via the community gifting of CDG grants.

Each year, the Cosmetic Dentistry Grant Program disperses $1 million in funds for cosmetic dentistry and dental implants. These gifts help individuals improve their oral health as well as their appearance and self-confidence.

Funding Groups

To fund program operations, the Oral Aesthetic Advocacy Group collects fees from participating dentists. The collected funds enable the organization to advertise its mission, disperse grants and maintain operations.

The OAAG also maintains an initiative that nurtures positive rapport between the community, dental professionals and patients. The group’s primary mission, however, is to provide Cosmetic Dental Grants to anyone who’s unsatisfied with their smile.

How a Cosmetic Dentistry Grant Program Works

To qualify for a Cosmetic Dentistry Grant, you must prove that your oral health is sufficient to support the procedure that you are requesting. To do this, you must visit a participating dentist for an exam. The OAAG will not issue a grant until it is approved by a participating practitioner.

All grant recipients are treated with the same care and courtesy as other dental patients. When issuing grants, the OAAG tries to connect patients with a dentist that is conveniently close to their home.

Sometimes, grant recipients will want to visit a provider that isn’t a participant in the CDG Program. The organization will accept this kind of request. They will not, however, disperse funds until the chosen provider has enrolled in the OAAG grant program.

Before grant eligibility is finalized, applicants must undergo a free oral exam with a Certified Dental Practitioner. Next, the practitioner will recommend you for a CDG grant, if they believe you’re a good candidate for the program.