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The Best Senior Tours and Travel Programs | How to Save Big On Vacation Packages for Senior Citizens

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Senior travel is a goal for many people once they retire or reduce their working schedules. But it is not merely enough to want to jet set, one still has to pay for it. Even with a relatively good income, it is still expensive. This is especially true for senior citizens on a fixed income. Luckily, there are several ways to save for seniors.

The number one rule when attempting to save money on any purchase including travel is to never pay retail. When booking arrangements always be sure to ask if there is any sort of discount. This may be the senior discount or some other promotion being offered. If booking online, search for promo codes offering discounts for a booking website or airline.

American Association of Retired Persons

The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) offers discounts with membership including travel. An AARP membership is available for a nominal fee of $16. Once approved, seniors can save money on all kinds of daily purchases. It is worth having in the wallet for general money saving.

Go for the Budget When Traveling

As with anything in life, being a traveler is a trade-off. In order to go on vacation while staying on a budget, don’t be afraid to look around. Many websites on the internet are geared toward the budget-conscious traveler. Going on senior tours may be another option. Discounts can be found on these sites if the traveler is willing to put up with a little bit of mystery. Priceline has a Name Your Own Price Tool. This feature gives the traveler an opportunity to enter a bid for what they want to pay. The majority of bids are accepted. But the tradeoff for naming a price is being flexible with when a flight leaves. This is anytime between 12 am and 11 pm. Hotwire has a similar tool for booking hotels. It has traditional booking tools too. But for those who don’t mind knowing what hotel they will stay at their destination, it’s a good way to score a decent discount. The process isn’t completely blind. Travelers choose the neighborhood or area of a destination and the star rating for a hotel. The hotel’s identity is revealed after the booking is confirmed.

Be Flexible on Dates and Flights

Flights are usually cheaper on certain days. Peak days like Fridays and Sundays are typically more expensive. So it’s worth seeing what the price differences are between ideal flying dates and what are known as off-peak days. Likewise, flight types also cost more or less. People usually choose direct flights out of convenience and to save time. But connecting flights can actually be cheaper. If a trip has wiggle room in the timetable, it is worth considering a connecting flight.

Consider a Stopover When Traveling

Another way to save money on trips is to visit more than one city on a trip. People are usually able to accomplish this with a stopover, typically on an international journey. If a connecting flight leaves an individual with hours or even overnight, ask the airline to do a stopover. Most airlines are happy to move a flight to the next day for a very small fee or no fee at all. This provides another destination experience for very little money out of pocket. As this article has illustrated, there are plenty of ways to save money on senior travel such as senior tours. Most of these require some sort of research prior to booking a vacation. However, with a bit of time spent, the savings earned will be very well worth it especially for senior citizens. The senior rate is not always the lowest rate available. So prior to booking, do research and find out what impacts a rate such as the flight time or the date. From there, piece together what provides the best bang for the buck so to speak.